On Another Note

Have a craving for sushi or spicy rolls? Stop by Oishi Asian Restaurant located at 1403 Woodward Avenue in Muscle Shoals!

“There’s something here for everyone!” says Jeneen Stewart, co-owner of Royal Beauty & More Supply Store. Royal Beauty provides diverse beauty products and friendly service to everyone who walks in.

Come see Maggie Chen and her amazing team at Finger Promise! Finger Promise is a luxury nail salon that promises to deliver on all your nail needs.

TVA Community Credit Union is known for being Alabama’s oldest federally-chartered credit union. Since their humble beginnings in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, they have since expanded their membership to over seven counties. With ten locations serving North Alabama, you’ll see why TVACCU goes the extra mile!

Thinking about saving some money on your next business remodeling project by doing the work yourself? Before you start ripping down walls and installing new fixtures, you might want to re-think whether or not doing your own renovation work is really worth it. Unless you're a professional contractor, chances are good this is one project you might want to leave to the experts. Here's some key questions to consider before tackling your business remodeling project by yourself:

Ask any entrepreneur what drives them to succeed, and you might be surprised to learn that money isn't always the top motivator - their faith is. In fact, many prominent companies both here in our community and beyond were founded on the idea that running a business is a spiritual calling - one that compels owners to provide for others by creating jobs, delivering essential services, and making money to fund charitable organizations such as overseas missions, church groups, and health care for the needy.

Three-tiered pricing for products often means small-medium-large, but in services it means good-better-best. Find out how these service businesses use tiered pricing to benefit both buyer and seller. These days, good-better-best pricing is everywhere. When purchasing an airplane ticket, for example, passengers can buy the default coach ticket (good), pay for some extra leg-room by upgrading to "premium economy(link is external)" (better) or pay through the nose and buy a business class seat (best). With

Wondering how transform social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter into powerful marketing tools for your business? If you're like most small-to-medium business owners, you know that your clients, customers, and prospects are already spending a significant amount of their day browsing through their social media feeds, but did you know exactly how much time? Recent studies reveal that the average American consumer spends about 5 hours per day on their mobile device, and half that screen time