Growing Your Business Using the Brain-Based Enneagram with Dr. Jerome and Dr. Masterson

Dr. Masterson & Dr. Jerome: A Conversation on the Brain-Based Enneagram


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Growing Your Business with the Brain-Based Enneagram

Are you looking for new ways to strengthen your professional relationships and support your employees to be the best that they can be? Dr. Jerome’s Brain-Based Enneagram completely transformed Dr. Masterson and The ENT Center’s approach to leadership and team culture, which positively shifted our overall effectiveness and approach to collaboration. 

Join Dr. Masterson and Dr. Jerome on Thursday, March 23rd at 10:30 AM CST via Instagram Live for a conversation on the Brain-Based Enneagram and Dr. Jerome’s concept of you are not a number. Both providers will dive into the power of understanding our whole identity and how that impacts our own self-awareness and influences others through his brain-based model.

Our hope is that you’ll walk away with the ability to equip your team with the tools to work together more effectively while still honoring each person's individuality. Get to know both providers at the link below, then follow Dr. Masterson and set a calendar reminder for the discussion.

Dr. Jerome  of The Brain-Based Enneagram
Dr. Masterson of The ENT Center
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We hope to see you then! 
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