News Release: 1/26/2020

Are you a Veteran or do you love a Veteran who struggles with Post Traumatic Stress?

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for Veterans and Service Members Suffering from Trauma is available right here in the Shoals Area.

We are currently recruiting Veterans for our group, Renewed Warriors, that will begin 27 JAN 2020 and go through 2 MAR 2020. You do not have to attend all sessions to participate.

Drop in time is 0900-1100. We will post if we ever have to cancel any winter dates due to weather. Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) can be hard to talk about. Drug therapy can often feel like a bandaid. If you are battling PTS for any reason, (combat or non-combat-related) then reach out to us. This program is FREE! The horses are very good at helping, but you have to be in their presence for it to happen. Contact us! Drop in at your convenience during the hours posted, but do reach out so we will know to expect you.

Renewed Spirits - 1954 Jackson Road - Florence, AL - 256.263.6367 -