A Discussion on Allergy Disease with Dr. Caleb Masterson and Dr. Sarah Kelley


CONTACT: Catherine Counts, ENT Center of Northwest Alabama, catherine@entcenteralabama.com, (256) 942-2622

A Public Discussion on Allergy Disease in Children and Adults with Dr. Caleb Masterson and Dr. Sarah Kelley

THE SHOALS, ALA – Allergies are challenging, especially within our great community of the Shoals. So many of our neighbors consider it normal to continue living with symptoms of Allergies, but Dr. Caleb Masterson (ENT Center of Northwest Alabama) and Dr. Sarah Kelley (Shoals Pediatric Group) are eager to change that narrative. 

Join Dr. Masterson and Dr. Kelley for a discussion on Allergies in children and adults on May 26th at 12:15 PM CST via Instagram live. They will take questions following the talk. Follow both accounts at @entalabama and @shoalspediatricgroup (link below) to stay up to date on the event. Our hope is that this discussion will inspire someone who is suffering to seek relief from Allergy disease and educate our community on the importance of encouraging others to find lasting relief. 

@shoalspediatricgroup: https://www.instagram.com/shoalspediatricgroup/

Dr. Caleb Masterson is a father of four and opened his private practice, The ENT Center of Northwest Alabama, in 2019. His passion lies in relieving our community of Sinus and Allergy disease by listening to his patients and educating the greater community on the impact of Sinus and Allergies in our environment. 

Dr. Sarah Kelley is a Florence native whose medical journey led her back to our community at the Shoals Pediatric Group. She’s a leading medical professional in pediatrics and works hard to educate parents of the Shoals on preventative healthcare for children, breastfeeding, and effective antibiotic usage. 

Questions or inquiries regarding the discussion can be directed to Catherine Counts at catherine@entcenteralabama.com.