PAY RATE:  $12.30 hour all shifts, Full and Part-time

Full-Time - Rotating Days - One week work 3 days & off 4 days - The next week work 4 days and off 3 days
Shifts Available:  7am - 7pm or 7pm - 7am.  Few available shifts for 5 days a week 2pm-10pm & 10pm-6am
Recruitment Drive - We are extending bonuses and provide incentives to new applicants. 
1.  A new full-time employee will receive $200 bonus after completing orientation and 1 week of employment as a DSP in the residential setting.
2.  A new employee working 30 hours or more, after completing a 90-day probation period will receive a $200 bonus and will then qualify for an additional bonus that may be available.
3.  A new full-time employee at the end of 90 days of successful employment will become eligible for all other benefits that may apply.
4.  Full-Time employee only benefits:
a.  Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health Insurance
b.  Earned PTO 
c.  Extended Sick Leave
d.  10 paid holidays a year
e.  401K as outlined in policy
f.  Other specific benefits are also available
Email - BeLinda James-Ragland:            256-383-1472 extension 112    

Part-Time - Up to 28 hours per week.  7am-7pm or 7pm-7am.  Few available shifts for 5 days week, 2-10p;10p-6am                                                                                                                                                                              Email - BeLinda James-Ragland:            256-383-1472 extension 112

As a full or part-time residential DSP some of the support you would provide:

  • Support adults live more independently and happily in their homes to achieve their goals 
  • Assist with day-to-day needs (housekeeping, cooking, bathing, grooming, transportation)
  • Type documentations about the supports provided/assisted during your shift
MINIMUM RQUIREMENTS for Full and Part-time:  
  • High School Diploma or GED required
  • Driver License with good record - Must be 212 years if age for insurance guidelines.  
  • Pass the following screenings according to the guidelines set forth by The Alabama Department of Mental Health; Medicaid and The Arc of the Shoals.
  • Screenings:
  • MVR (driver)
  • Criminal Background
  • Drug
  • TB