Family Relations & Match Support Specialist

Posted: 01/04/2022




Position Title: 
Family Relations & Match Support Specialist (FRMSS)
Job Code:
 Salary: $27,040
Location:  BBBS Office
Reports To: CEO Number of People Supervised:  0
There are two primary functions of this position. One is as a Match Support Specialist to ensure child safety, positive impacts for youth, constructive and satisfying relationships between children and volunteers, and a strong sense of affiliation with BBBS on the part of volunteers.  The other function will be as a Family Relations Specialist to foster positive family dynamics and provide support, guidance and coaching to the families and volunteers participating in the BBBS programs. The FRMSS will be a liaison and a resource for referrals to other community partners in order to meet the ongoing needs of our clients and families.
Performance Measures:  The successful incumbent will produce positive outcomes in the following areas: match closure rate, match retention rate, average match length, volunteer rematch rate, and customer satisfaction. 
Continually assess the match relationship focusing on: child safety, match relationship development, positive youth development and volunteer satisfaction. Real and/or potential problems and barriers are identified, addressed and resolved as early as possible. Match support is provided on a frequency according to BBBS Standards, at a minimum. 
Assess and provide for individual training needs, information and support needs for each match participant to assure a positive youth development experience for the child, and successful and satisfying experience for the volunteer
Ensure high-level expertise in applying child safety and risk management knowledge, policies and procedures throughout all aspects of job function.
Develop strategic interventions to identify and strengthen match relationships that require extra support to continue to grow.
Along with other staff, develop, promote and implement individual and group match activities to support ongoing volunteer involvement with the child and agency affiliation through individualized recognition, annual events, and reengagement strategies.
Effectively utilize surveys (YODP, COS, YOS) to assess match impact on youth development.
Conduct exit interview by phone with all parties at match closure.  Assess reasons for match closure and re-match potential.   When match terminates pre-maturely or unexpectedly confer with supervisor for third party assessment.    
Share with development and/or marketing staff potential partnership relationships as discovered through volunteers’ and parents’ employers and affiliations.  
Identify and promote re-engagement of volunteers as Bigs, board members, and donors in other volunteer capacities.
Consult with other service delivery staff and/or supervisor as appropriate.
To ensure quality services and measurable outcomes, maintain accurate and timely records for each match according to standards and utilize technology to report, synthesize and analyze data.
Connect with parents of clients on a personal but professional level in order to meet any needs by connecting them with local resources and referring to other social services.
Make home visits in order to complete Match Support Contacts or assess family needs.
Reduce risk factors and increase protective factors for youth and families ultimately preserving & strengthening the family unit and ensuring that youth stay in the home with parents/guardians who have the skills, knowledge, ability and support to met the needs of the youth as well as the family.
Other duties as assigned
Education Level:
(minimum & preferred educational requirements necessary to perform this job successfully)
Minimum Bachelors degree required. Degree in social services, sociology, psychology, family dynamics or related field preferred.
Years of Related Work Experience :
(minimum & preferred related work experience necessary perform this job successfully)
Assessment and relationship development experience with child and adult populations; understanding of child development and family dynamics.  Must have car, valid driver’s license, and meet state required automobile insurance minimums.
Skills and Knowledge
  Required Preferred
Proficiency in Microsoft Office; including Word, Outlook, and Excel. X  
Excellent oral and written communication skills reflecting solid customer service both in-person and telephone. X  
Ability to form and sustain appropriate child, adult volunteer-based relationships based on positive youth development and volunteer satisfaction X  
Ability to effectively assess and execute the following relational support skills: guiding, supporting, confronting, advising and/or negotiating X  
Ability to relate well in multicultural environments; X  
Ability to effectively collaborate with other volunteer match staff; X  
Ability to use time effectively; X  
Ability to focus on details. X  
Ability to collect meaningful data and draw solid conclusions. X  
(Describe any specific work place conditions and/or physical abilities that are related to and/or required by
this job)
Routine office environment.  Flexible work hours to meet customer needs Occasional travel to local communities and neighborhoods. May need to attend occasional out of town conferences & trainings.
Core Competencies
High Performance Indicators
Customer Focus
Able to build strong working relationships with agency staff and matches; identify unexpressed customer needs and
potential solutions to meet those needs; independently anticipate and meet customer match support needs;
prioritize work in alignment with the needs of the match; use match knowledge and feedback to improve the
effectiveness of own support results.
Problem Solving & Analysis
Able to gather appropriate data and diagnose the cause of a problem before taking action; separate causes from
symptoms; apply lessons learned from others who encountered similar problems or challenges; anticipate problems and develop contingency plans to deal with them; develop and evaluate alternative courses of action.
Flexibility & Achieving Change
Able to positively deal with changes that affect job requirements or work assignments; adapt to shifting priorities in response to the needs of matches; quickly recognize situations/conditions where change is needed; remain calm and professional in emotionally charged interactions; work to clarify situations where information, instructions, or objectives are ambiguous; support organizational change.
Continuous Improvement & Gets Results
Able to identify and apply "best practices" in own work; improve efficiency by planning and organizing work
effectively, eliminating barriers and streamlining work processes; monitor, evaluate and track own performance;
adapt work practices in order to meet goals and deadlines; persist in the face of ongoing obstacles or setbacks;
accept responsibility for the quality and outcomes of own work.
Decisiveness & Judgment
Able to demonstrate sound judgment in routine, day-to-day decisions; think critically to make decisions and take
action, even in non-routine situations; rapidly make reasonable assessments with limited information; consider
impact of various options when making decisions; use sound judgment in deciding whether to make a decision or
escalate it to a supervisor for additional consultation.
Open Communication
Able to use active and attentive listening to confirm understanding; coach others through the use of reflective
questioning; personalize communication content and delivery to fit different perspectives, backgrounds or styles of audience; document information about matches clearly and concisely in order to keep records accurate and up to
Strategic Alignment
Able to align own work objectives with the organization's strategic plan or objectives; take organizational priorities
into consideration when making choices and trade-offs in own work; act with an understanding of how the
community affects the business and how own actions and decisions affect other jobs or outcomes; maintain
perspective between the overall picture and tactical details.
Valuing Diversity Able to seek out and work effectively with others who have diverse perspectives, talents, backgrounds, and/or styles; contribute to a team climate in which differences are valued and supported; challenge any stereotyping or offensive comments; seek and respond to feedback from others about his/her own behavior that might be perceived as biased.
Equal Employment Opportunity
BBBSA provides equal employment opportunities to all qualified individuals without regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or non-disqualifying physical or mental handicap or disability.
Americans with Disabilities Act
Applicants as well as employees who are or become disabled must be able to perform the essential duties & responsibilities either unaided or with reasonable accommodation.  The organization shall determine reasonable accommodation on a case-by-case basis in accordance with applicable law.
Job Responsibilities
The above statements reflect the general duties, responsibilities and competencies considered necessary to perform the essential duties & responsibilities of the job and should not be considered as a detailed description of all the work requirements of the position. BBBSA may change the specific job duties with or without prior notice based on the needs of the organization.
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Supervisor:   I have approved this job description and reviewed with my employee.
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