Case Manager - Marion County

Posted: 08/08/2019

Job Title: Case Manager Marion County
Reports to: Shelter Coordinator
Applicants should send both a letter of interest and resume to no later than Saturday, August 31.   Your application will not be considered unless both items are submitted. NO PHONE CALLS.
Orient adults to residential program
•             Meet with each adult to give tour of facility and explain program within 24 hours of client entry.
•             Explain where messages/mail will be posted.
•             Explain sign-in/ sign out procedure and show location of clipboard.
•             Explain which kitchen to be utilized.
•             Show location of chore charts and explain when resident’s name will be added to chart. Give example of how to read chore chart.
•             Show the posted fire escape plans and the exit which accommodates the assigned room.
•             Inform where the designated evacuation place is for fire drills and pick up small children, if needed, during drills and actual fires.
•             Explain lock-down procedure.
Educate adults about program and guidelines
•             Discuss the living agreement and answer any questions resident may have within 24 hours.
•             Reiterate safety and confidential location within 24 hours of entry.
•             Reiterate designated location to meet family/friends within 24 hours of entry.
Case Management
•             Meet with each adult within 2 days of families’ admission to complete the following:
o             complete intake form,
o             danger assessment,
o             safety plan
o             statistical forms
o             provide a class calendar with details
•             Inform resident of available self-help classes within 3 days of admission. 
•             Provide referrals within 2 days of identified needs and appropriate resources.
•             Develop Individualized Goal Plan within 3 days of residents’ admission.
•             Meet with residents according to Individualized Goal Plan to provide education on domestic violence, communal living skills and their feelings. Meet resident within 2 days of admission to schedule initial appointment. 
•             Meet with resident a minimum of twice weekly as residents needs during the first 10 days.
•             Provide referrals within 3 days of identified needs and appropriate resources.
•             Provide assistance with resume development, job applications, and housing applications.
•             Promote creating account with career center.
•             Assist client with setting up voicemail if desired.
•             Assist client with establishing an email if desired.
•             Discuss cyber stalking and how this can be avoided.
Answer Phone
•             Answer phone within 3 rings and complete telephone assessments on all abuse calls
•             Determine eligibility; consult with supervisor when necessary
•             Check card catalog for caller’s prior contact during phone call
•             Complete telephone log entry while on the phone with caller
•             Educate callers regarding domestic violence
•             Provide information and referrals for callers in the Safeplace catchment area
•             Provide referrals for callers outside of Safeplace catchment area
•             Provide information and referrals for non-abuse calls.
•             Check transportation folder
•             Provide transportation to clients on an assigned day
•             Assist clients in completing the paperwork for transportation assistance
Facilitate group meetings
•             Discuss monthly group topics for the upcoming month to the Residential Program Manager for approval by the 25th of each month
•             Facilitate Group discussion based on class calendar.
•             Conduct a minimum of 4 with a maximum of 5 domestic violence education classes per month.
•             Conduct a minimum of two with the maximum of four life skills, budgeting, goals setting, dealing with stress, self-esteem classes, time management, job readiness, personal safety, healthy relationships, financial literacy. 
•             Enter hours of services provided in appropriate category weekly (i.e. individual, group, daycare transportation) in Alice.
•             Record referrals made to community agencies weekly.
•             Write case notes of individual, group and family sessions weekly for each family in residency.
Train Volunteers/Interns
•             Meet with new volunteers as requested to discuss professional roles of volunteers when working with residents
•             Coordinate with other staff to schedule volunteer opportunities for family and group activities.
Plan activities for adults
•             Schedule life skills class monthly to include:
o             job readiness
o             personal safety
o             healthy relationships
o             financial literacy 
•             Complete a minimum of one hands-on project quarterly.
Pursue professional development and training opportunities
•             Attend staff development training as requested by supervisor.
•             Attend Staff Meetings
•             Research and request a minimum of 2 training opportunities yearly from supervisor at least 6 weeks before registration deadline.
Follow up
•             Initial contact within 2 weeks of exit.
•             Contact former residents at least quarterly for twelve months.
•             Complete housing and income assessment at the first 2 week contact and quarterly thereafter for the remaining twelve months.
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other Attributes Required
•             Knowledge of and sensitivity to issues of domestic violence
•             Ability to work as a team member and also independently
•             Ability to adapt easily to changes in daily schedule
•             Willingness to work some nights and weekend hours
•             Willingness to travel
•             Typing and data entry skill
•             Strong knowledge of local community services
•             Core Competencies: time management, attention to detail, crisis management, customer service, interpersonal skills, caring and reliable
•             High energy level, enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience and self-control
•             Demonstrated ability to interact with people of different cultures
•             Ability to understand and implement voluntary services model
•             Ability to assess behavior for its appropriateness and enforce appropriate safety regulations and emergency procedures
•             Ability to apply appropriate behavior-management techniques.
Minimum Qualifications
•             Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or related field
•             Social Work License preferred
•             Minimum of 2 year’s experience in social services field
•             Minimum of 1 year residential experience preferred
•             Excellent verbal and written communications skills
•             Vehicle, insurance and valid driver’s license
•             Must meet insurance driving record standards
•             Physical ability to lift 40 lbs. or more and do general office work
•             Knowledge and ability to use Microsoft Office, database system, Windows operating system with accuracy.
“I have read and understand the essential function of the job for which I am applying.  I certify that I can perform all of these essential functions with or without accommodations.”
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