Entertainment Bus Driver Coordinator

Posted: 11/10/2021

Entertainment Bus Driver Coordinator

• Quarterly Drug Screens

• Bus Books
   o Update documentation (IFTA, Insurance, Cab Cards)
   o Annual Inspections
   o Organize paperwork; new sheets for log in, service, etc.

• Electronic Logging Devices (Fleetmatics)
   o Train Drivers
   o Update service records as needed
   o Submit driver logs, IFTA mileage reports and fuel receipts

• Outgoing Buses
   o Test drive
   o Top-off fuel
   o Verify bunk setup
   o Verify all electronics including ELD’s, wireless internet & satellite television are activated, logged in, and working properly.
   o Coordinate information to driver

• Driver Communication
   o Keep in touch with drivers via phone call or text
   o Deal with all driver issues while driving
   o Complete employment verification forms as needed

• Driver Training
   o Bus operation
   o Upkeep
   o Troubleshooting

• FAQ Videos
   o Make videos for frequently asked questions