Painter - FULL TIME

·         Monitor the inventory of paint supplies and equipment, ensuring an ample stock is available for upcoming projects.

·         Collaborate with the team to develop efficient painting schedules that minimize disruption to guests and daily operations.

·         Skillfully mask and protect adjacent areas before starting painting work, demonstrating attention to detail and precision.

·         Thoroughly prepare and apply paint to furniture using appropriate techniques, delivering a flawless and professional finish.

·         Adhere strictly to safety guidelines when storing paint, chemicals, and painting equipment, ensuring a safe working environment.

·         Conduct regular and meticulous inspections of painted surfaces, promptly addressing any touch-ups or maintenance needs to maintain a polished appearance.

·         Foster effective communication and teamwork with maintenance and housekeeping staff, collectively ensuring the hotel's interiors and exteriors are well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing.

·         Offer valuable assistance in various maintenance tasks and projects as needed, displaying flexibility and a helpful attitude to support the overall functioning of the hotel.

·         Keep up-to-date records of all painting activities, including project details, paint colors, and material usage for future reference and tracking.
Pay Range $ 15- 19.50