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Event Manager

As a member of our hospitality team, the primary responsibility of an Event Manager is to ensure the flawless execution of hotel events by meticulously coordinating with sales, hotel departments, and guests. Throughout the event planning and execution process, keen organizational skills and attention to detail will ensure that every aspect of the event runs smoothly. Collaborating closely with the sales team, this role will facilitate a seamless transition from sales to Event Operations, ensuring that all event details and requirements are communicated to create extraordinary and memorable experiences for our guests.

• Coordinates and maintains effective verbal and written communication with customers, both internal and external, throughout the event process and follows up with customers after events to ensure satisfaction and address any concerns.
• Serves as a liaison between field salespersons and customers during the entire event process, including pre-event, event, and post-event stages.
• Takes charge of overseeing the entire customer experience from file turnover to the post-event phase, ensuring a seamless handover back to the sales team.
• Leads pre-event and post-event meetings for assigned groups and convention services, facilitating various other meetings as needed, such as Banquet Event Order meetings and block reviews.
• Manages group room blocks and meeting space allocations for assigned groups, utilizing resources like Marriott Global Source, Training Energizers, and eTools (e.g., eRooming Lists, eProposals, Passkey) to streamline processes.
• Adheres strictly to all standards, policies, and procedures governing event management and ensures compliance throughout the event planning process.
• Keeps abreast of current trends in event management and event design, incorporating innovative ideas to enhance customer experiences.
• Interacts with guests to gather feedback on product quality and service levels, promptly addressing and resolving any guest problems or complaints.
• Conducts pre- and post-event meetings with convention services to review and communicate group needs and feedback, ensuring seamless event execution.
• Actively seeks feedback from hotel departments to identify areas for improvement and enhance the overall experience for Event Planners.
• Skillfully up-sells products and services to customers throughout the event process, maximizing revenue opportunities.
• Participates in customer site inspections and supports the sales process as needed to showcase the hotel's offerings to potential clients.
• Efficiently manages customer budgets to optimize revenue generation while meeting the specific needs and requirements of each customer.
• Accurately forecasts group sleeping rooms and event revenue for convention services, ensuring proper planning and resource allocation.


Marriott Shoals Hotel, Conference Center, and Spa
Amy Burdett