Design Engineering Technology Instructor

Posted: 06/07/2021

  • Associate degree in Design Engineering, required.
  • Minimum of three (3) years full-time work experience as a practitioner in the design engineering field, required.
  • Teaching experience in Design Engineering, preferred.
  • Applicants must have documented ability to prepare for and deliver quality college-level instruction preferably using a multi-media format. *
*Note:  If you are awarded an interview, during the interview you will be required to do a live teaching demonstration using technology in front of a five panel search committee. You must bring your own presentation material to the interview.
Note:  No preference will be given for advanced degrees or work experience above the minimum required
At a minimum, the essential functions of the instructor are:
  • Teach students the fundamental aspects of drafting and design technology including software applications, tools and equipment, sketching and drawing, and 3-D modeling.
  • Plan, organize, and instruct courses via in-person and/or virtual instruction using the College’s learning management system and, as appropriate, distance education tools and software;
  • Conduct class evaluations and complete other college evaluations in accordance with college policy;
  • Keep students informed about their progress through the prompt grading and posting of daily assignments, lab assignments, quizzes, and/or exams in the College’s learning management system;
  • Plan each unit or lesson, as to content, method, and organization to make each class period meaningful;
  • Ensure that assigned classes are held as scheduled;
  • Teach all classes according to an approved syllabus; to keep students informed concerning course content, requirements, evaluation procedures, and attendance requirements;
  • Hold final exams at the time scheduled in the College’s semester schedule unless permission to deviate has been approved by the Division Chairperson and appropriate dean level supervisor;
  • Recommend textbooks, instructional materials, and on-line theory and lab curriculum, including classroom and laboratory equipment and/or trainers, to the Division Chair, Department Head, or appropriate Dean Level Supervisor;
  • Accommodate differing student learning styles in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the College’s established ADA program;
  • Participate consistently in professional development related to his/her field and current trends for in-person, on-line, and hybrid instruction utilizing the College’s Distance Education Office and Instructional Designer;
  • Serve as an academic advisor to assigned students;
  • Refer students to Student Services departments, as needed;
  • Work closely with his/her division chair on the development of annual division budgets for approval by the dean level supervisor;
  • Assist with registration;
  • Post and maintain office hours for student consultations;
  • Participate in program and curriculum review and development;
  • Actively promote the instructional program through recruitment, retention, success, and completion initiatives;
  • Assist the Office of Strategic Partnerships in establishing an apprenticeship for CTE and other applicable instructional programs;
  • Submit required reports to the appropriate administrative personnel;
  • Attend faculty meetings, college assemblies, professional development and orientation activities, and other meetings as required by the President, dean level supervisor, or division chair;
  • Become familiar with and comply with college policies and procedures;
  • Serve on and provide information to college committees as needed;
  • Convey college-related information to students in a timely manner as requested by college officials;
  • Maintain accurate and complete scholastic records.