Director of Development and Operations, Full-Time Exempt

Posted: 02/21/2020

Shoals Symphony Orchestra at UNA - Director of Development and Operations – Full-Time Exempt Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Stevens, Music Director and Conductor, Shoals Symphony Orchestra at UNA  

In the past five years, the Shoals Symphony Orchestra at UNA has achieved monumental growth, having quadrupled annual revenue since 2014.  As audience markets have expanded with diverse concert offerings, as well as integrating corporate and individual underwriting, the Shoals Symphony Board of Directors is needing a full-time staff member to manage a number of tasks for day-to-day operations.  This goal-structured position, working closely with Dr. Daniel Stevens, will require expertise in:  


• Develop  and manage organizational goals to fund programmatic needs, personnel needs, and build the organization endowment to meet comprehensive operational needs
• Oversee all grant applications as writer and collaborator, tracking all grant proposals (Convention and Tourism, University Programming Council, Alabama State Council of the Arts, follow-up reports)
• Coordinate all season advertisement sales in programs
• Lead marketing efforts for all orchestral performances, increasing ticket sales
• Drive and administer donor relations including Underwriting Proposals and Packets, tracking donor pledges and payments, and donor recognition
• Serve as representative of the organization, by implementing a team-approach to generate revenue through corporate and individual donations
• Maintain current, and Develop new community partnerships and in-kind donations

• Maintain the organizational database that includes patron lists, donor lists, and volunteer supporters.
• Build and maintain an organizational profile (prospectus)
• Assist in the master calendar on behalf of the organization, including concert and rehearsal dates, board meetings, marketing deadlines, and fundraising target dates.
• Utilize organization financial software (currently QuickBooks)
• Reconcile bank statements against QuickBooks and update board financial statements and reports
• Prepare the monthly board package, including meeting agenda, minutes prepared by secretary, financial report in consultation with treasurer, and supplementary board material
• Prepare monthly operations reports to the Board of Directors
• Request and track vendor payments
• Prepare annual letters to acknowledge donations
• Prepare annual MISC-1099 and quarterly tax forms
• Write, review, and manage all underwriting letters of commitment
• Maintain and update a musician/staff policy manual
• Manage and lead an annual board new-member orientation and board retreat
• Attend weekly meetings with music director, student president, and all SSO staff
• Serve as clearinghouse for artist/faculty/administrator/board communications
• Assist in the completion of music contracts (Disney/sheet music rental/musical guest contracts)
• Staff the SSO Main Office in the absence of the Administrative Assistant (coordinated effort)

• Coordinate, recruit, and train a volunteer base of 50+ people (ushers, parking attendants, etc.)
    • Create a volunteer incentive system (society)
    • Develop volunteer position job descriptions
    • Train and manage all volunteers
• Attend all concerts; serve as a public liaison of the orchestra by engaging patrons
• Create PowerPoint/videos for concerts and civic presentations
• Be available for a long task list of pre- and post-concert logistics (signs, banners, etc.)
• Develop and implement an Emergency Response Plan
• Serve as front-of-house manager to problem-solve guest relations

• Appear and present regularly at civic/service gatherings
• Communicate with city offices, Chamber of Commerce, and tourism offices
• Serve as representative to the League of American Orchestras
• Create press releases, manage social media initiative – Facebook/Instagram for regional coverage
• Assist with website creation, as editor and text writer, to Coordinate interviews with media –Online/Newspaper/Radio
• Knowledge of Vendini ticket system, including venue maps, concert sales set-up, and revenue reports
• Coordinate organization receptions and Symphony events
• Assist in the creation of the annual brochure as well as Sign/Banner/Poster content
• Oversee early steps toward merchandising/promotional items
• Protect organizational profile through branding/logos
• Coordinate and store promotional pictures and videos
• Propel grassroots ticket marketing, through community newsletters and volunteer coordination
• Other duties as assigned, in support of the Music Director and Shoals Symphony Board of Directors

Salary: Commensurate with experience. Benefits include paid holidays, sick leave, and annual vacation. 
Employment at Will: Employment with The Shoals Symphony Orchestra is at-will and either party can terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without cause and with or without notice.
Minimum Qualifications:
• Possess a Bachelor’s Degree with a passion/understanding toward professional orchestral operations
• Due to the nature of this position, the ideal candidate would not be able to perform with the orchestra

The ideal candidate will:
• Possess a Bachelor’s Degree or above in an arts-related field OR business administration
• Have served as an employee, teaching fellow, or intern with an orchestral organization
• Possess a team-centered, entrepreneurial spirit
• Maintain a positive attitude, with masterful customer service skills
• Take initiative as a resourceful self-starter
• Ability to multi-task, work in a fast-paced environment, and flow/adapt with changing priorities
• Familiarity with computerized accounting and ticketing systems, preferably Quickbooks and Vendini
• Good verbal and written communication skills
• Exemplify transparent leadership through clear communication

This position will report directly to the Music Director/Conductor, and ultimately will be accountable to the priorities of the Shoals Symphony Board of Directors.   

To apply, please email the following materials as .pdf files to  
(please be sure that every .pdf file submitted contains your last name/date – i.e. SMITH Resume 2.1.17) 
• Cover Letter – addressing your qualifications/experience for the job description above
• Current Resume / C.V.
• Three Letters of Recommendation
• Additional Reference List – with permission to contact (mixture of professional relationships)
• Required Salary Range
• For additional questions about the position, applicants may contact Dr. Daniel Stevens to inquire:, 620-262-6871.

Deadline: Until filled; for best consideration, please apply by March 27, 2020.

Shoals Symphony Orchestra at UNA
Daniel Stevens, DMA