Strategic Knowledge Management Consultant

Background:  IFDC is an independent non-profit organization that combines innovative research, technology transfer, market systems development, and strategic partnerships to spread sustainable agricultural solutions for improved soil health, food security and livelihoods around the world. IFDC’s knowledge is therefore distributed among individuals, projects, countries, regions, partner institutions, and networks at different scales. Sustaining IFDC’s thought leadership and being more effective in responding to both donor and partner demands in the field of soil health issues calls for a more cohesive and comprehensive approach to managing IFDC’s knowledge base and sources.
IFDC’s Corporate Services department, in conjunction with its Business Development and MELS units, intends to work closely together to building an efficient knowledge management system within the organization that supports the strategic priorities and vision laid out in the 2020-2030 IFDC Strategy.
Therefore, IFDC seeks to hire a Knowledge Management consultant with experience leading or designing knowledge management systems for projects and organizations focusing on international development. The person is expected to provide the necessary vision, framework, and detailed implementation plans to build an efficient organization-wide KM system that supports institutional goals.
Objective: Improve IFDC’s capabilities to generate, use, transfer, and share existing knowledge and absorb knowledge from its partners to contribute to thought leadership in, provide learning and training in, and influence global soil health and other agricultural development issues in the context of food systems.
Specific Tasks: The KM consultant will coordinate with IFDC’s global Communications, Business Development, MELS, IT, and HR teams to assess the current landscape and relevancy of available internal knowledge, documents, data, training materials, and experience within IFDC globally, understand the existing KM system, and recommend a KM strategy, structure, and staffing. 
For this purpose, the consultant is expected to:

  1. Conduct a systematic analysis of existing knowledge services and products generated and available within IFDC and present the weaknesses, gaps, and challenges in the existing system and make specific recommendations for additional resources, tools, etc. to improve knowledge functions related to
  • communications (internal/external);
  • IT SharePoint infrastructure to enable internal learning and capacity building processes;
  • HR services to build professional development incentives for internal knowledge generation and learning;
  • M&E for effective results management and sharing for wider impacts.
  1. Propose an institutional-level KM strategic framework that outlines the building blocks of a knowledge base that enables access to and use of existing knowledge and that promotes a culture of learning and sharing at all levels of the organization (coordinated with the 2020-2030 IFDC Strategy and organizational structure).
  2. Propose recommendations to build effective knowledge initiatives within IFDC for
    1. Higher quality project and program results.
    2. Increased documentation and learnings derived from institutional tacit knowledge sources.
    3. Greater visibility/credibility and influence.
    4. Stronger learning culture within the organization.
    5. Relevant staffing (profiles of staff, numbers)
  3. Develop detailed implementation plans (short- [calendar year]/medium- [2021-2023] and long-term [2021-2030]) for a knowledge management strategy along with timeline, outcomes, outputs, and investment budget.
  • KM Experience: creating and maintaining division wide knowledge management strategies; at least 5 years’ experience in building/maintaining knowledge sharing networks.
  • Tools: Experience using Microsoft Teams and SharePoint as a CMS.
  • Communications: Ability to get consensus and collaboration across many business units; ability to explain complex concepts in layman's language; ability to generate enthusiasm; ability to communicate with all levels of management and staff; establishing straightforward, productive relationships; treating all individuals with fairness and respect, demonstrating sensitivity for cultural and gender differences; showing great drive and commitment to the organization’s mission; inspires others: Maintaining high standards of personal integrity.
  • Results Oriented: proactive working style that well-manages high-level strategy with on-the-ground doing; high self-accountability.
  • Analytical Thinking and Decisive Judgment: analyzes issues and problems systematically, gathering broad and balanced input, drawing sound conclusions, and translating conclusions into timely decisions and actions.
Deliverables: The consultancy will result in a comprehensive KM strategy with clear operational plans, timelines, and staff responsibilities that promotes internal learning and enhances the creation of quality external products. At the conclusion of the consultancy, the consultant will prepare and present a KM strategy document and slide deck presentation.
Timeline: July – September 2021
Level of Effort: up to 20 working days
Reporting: The Strategic Knowledge Management Consultant will report to the Corporate Communications manager, while working in a project team with the Corporate Communications manager, MELS manager,  Global  IT manager, VP of Business Development, and the Human Resources manager.