Administrative Assistant - Research 2020



This position provides support to the Research function involves performing administrative and technical duties to ensure that the work requested by employees and management of IFDC is completed in an efficient and timely manner.  Duties may include:

  • Performing general administrative duties for IFDC personnel (e.g., writing memos, letters, and trip reports; preparing expense accounts; processing purchase requisitions and travel requests; answering telephones; opening, sorting, screening and distributing the mail; making appointments; receiving visitors; photocopying incoming and outgoing correspondence and reports; composing draft correspondence to respond to inquiries; keeping and maintaining petty cash accounts)
  • Reviewing and editing project reports and workplans ensure clarity and proper English usage (e.g., checking for grammatical and spelling accuracy; verifying sentence structure; suggesting ways of rewording passages to make them clearer to a reader)
  • Maintaining electronic project folders (e.g., training program files, project files, country files, material safety data sheets, inventory files)
  • Coordinating travel assignments of IFDC personnel (e.g., making hotel accommodations, arranging for transportation, preparing travel expense reports for accounting)
  • Performing a variety of other related minor duties as required (e.g., data entry, preparation of tables and graphs, responding to inquiries


This position requires administrative knowledge, good writing skills and the ability to implement that knowledge to perform this position's assignments.  This job may involve:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the English language and proper writing skills to edit and strengthen documents produced (e.g., reports, manuscripts)
  • Ability to undertake multiple activities at given time, prioritize, work seamlessly from one to the others, and work under pressure to meet deadlines
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and graphics software
  • Ability to communicate both in writing and verbally in order to effectively deal with staff, management, and professionals from foreign countries
  • Ability to perform simple math calculations to check expense claims, calculate exchange rates, and determine the time in different parts of the world
  • Associates degree in office administration with 1-2 years of relevant work experience, a Bachelor's degree English/Communications is highly preferable.


This position requires a knowledge and understanding of the English language and communication skills to provide administrative support to scientific and technical staff.  Judgment is needed to adapt to a wide range of demands encountered for this position.  Judgement will be needed to determine the priority of multiple tasks and ensure that assignments are completed in a timely fashion.


This position performs various technical assignments such as writing, editing and reviewing of reports, etc., along with administrative tasks for the Research function. Other work such as data entry, preparation of tables and graphs, etc. may be performed as needed.  Work must be performed with adherence to deadlines.  Work is assigned by the supervisor and IFDC staff members with general instructions.  Upon completion, work is either reviewed by the supervisor or the requestor for accuracy.  Errors may result in incorrect documents if not detected or additional processing time if detected.



Most contacts are made with employees to discuss administrative and technical issues relating to their purchases, trips, and reports. Direct and phone contacts are also made with visitors to the Research function.



This position requires working in a normal office environment with no unusual demands or exposure to hazardous situations.