Global Finance Manager - Deputy CFO

Posted: 09/15/2023

The Global Finance Manager/Deputy CFO provides operational and strategic leadership to ensure that IFDC’s financial functions and resources increase the organization’s effectiveness and efficiency. This position oversees all financial materials and issues and is the focal point for ensuring global budgeting, accounting, and forecasting are planned and carried out effectively and promptly. The position works across all countries where IFDC has as presence on both a strategic and operational level.  
This position reports to the Vice President of Corporate Services and is a member of the Corporate Services Management Team (CSMT). The Finance Department is part of the Corporate Services Division.

Duties may include:

  • Strategic Advisory: Advise senior management on financial strategies, policies, and objectives.
  • Audit Leadership: Lead external audits and oversee special project audits.
  • Tax Oversight: Manage tax preparation activities.
  • Financial Planning: Plan global financial activities with unit managers and regional finance officers (RFOs) and ensure strict adherence to financial compliance regulations, both at the headquarters and in country offices, by developing and implementing robust financial control systems and policies.
  • Team Supervision: Supervise global Accounting, Budget, and Contracts units and conduct staff performance evaluations and ensure goal achievement.
  • Business Development: Oversee the finance support function within the business development process.
  • Administrative Coordination: Perform administrative activities, such as the annual external audit, System for Award Management (SAM) registration, insurance renewals, registration, and maintenance of bank records and financial backups.
  • Budget Management: Prepare and manage the organizational operating budget at global level, working closely with unit managers and regional finance officers to ensure budgets align with organizational goals and financial compliance requirements.
  • Oversight and Quality: Ensure compliance with IFDC and donor reporting standards.
  • Ad Hoc Duties: Perform other relevant duties as needed.

This position requires an advanced understanding of financial business aspects, such as accounting, budgeting, forecasting, banking, and administrative functions. Forward-thinking interpersonal and communication skills to work with all levels of management and staff within IFDC, including overseas locations, are critical. Requirements include the following: 

  • American Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Certification required.
  • Minimum of a master’s degree in business administration and 10 years of relevant experience. 
  • Knowledge of budgeting, accounting, and other related administrative principles and procedures.
  • Ability to review and/or develop budgets and donor-required cost proposals.
  • Ability to review and/or develop contracts and agreements with clients, service providers, funding organizations, etc.
  • Ability to supervise mid- and senior-level management and guide a large staff.
  • Knowledge of a foreign language, especially French, desired.
  • International finance experience preferred.
  • Affiliation with successful organization(s) or company(ies) that practice effective and agile financial management is a plus.

This position requires detailed knowledge of IFDC’s finance policies and procedures. Interpretation and judgment are needed to apply these guidelines to each office and financial situation. This position must ensure that financial processes and decisions in all offices (both U.S. and non-U.S.) are treated equitably and often acts as the bridge between management and finance personnel. Conflict resolution and ensuring high overall workplace morale are a key part of this position role.  

This role necessitates advanced knowledge of IFDC policies, donor regulations, and financial guidelines. It fosters innovative thinking beyond standard procedures. Most decisions pertain to established policies. The role collaborates with unit supervisors and RFOs for technical discussions (e.g., cash flow, financial statements) and supervises personnel matters, policy updates, and other activities, ensuring effective communication. 

This role involves frequent interaction with employees of diverse backgrounds to address personnel matters, collaborate on policies, and resolve disputes. Effective communication and teamwork are crucial, requiring superior interpersonal skills, tact, maturity, and flexibility. The Global Finance Manager/dCFO must assertively resolve complaints, implement policies, and inspire the global Finance Department to operate efficiently, ensuring excellence in financial, contractual, and administrative matters. Cultural sensitivity is essential. 

This position requires working in a normal office environment, with no unusual demands or exposure to hazardous situations. International travel is required and expected.     

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