Assiociate Contracts Officer

Posted: 01/22/2023

The Associate Contracts Officer position provides support to the Contract Management Officer in the Finance Department within the Corporate Service Division. This position helps to ensure the Organizations’ contractual standards are adhered to. The position will handle a variety of contractual functions within the Headquarters Contract Management Unit, as detailed further below. The position will work across all countries including the USA (Muscle Shoals, Washington D.C.).


The Contract Management Unit is part of the Finance Department and ultimately under the Corporate Services Division. This position involves reviewing, editing, drafting, providing contractual support and filing all contracts and contractual-like legal agreements at IFDC. Duties may include:


  • Enter data and continual update the global contracts database.,
  • Review submitted agreements for accuracy and consistency with IFDC policies as well as standards set forth in the IFDC Contracts Policy.


  • Prepare draft agreements and accompanying paperwork with all Personal Service Contracts (PSCs).


  • Assist the Contract Management Officer with the organizational aspects of managing agreements.


  • Working with staff to draft agreements, based on contractual needs.


  • Other Duties include performing a variety of other minor related duties as required (e.g., editing documents)



This job requires a broad understanding of contracts and the legal environment along with the ability to apply that knowledge to perform this position's duties. This job may involve the following:


  • Knowledge of contractual and legal standards, principles and practices in order to develop and maintain records and agreements.


  • Ability to manage multiple complex tasks and maintain composure under demanding conditions.


  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing effectively.


  • A Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or other relevant field or 3-5 years of relevant work experience (including paralegal).


  • Ability to use a personal computer effectively to maintain accounting records and to run related reports.



This position requires general knowledge of legal and contractual standards and procedures which have specific and well-established guidelines to follow. These guidelines are directly applicable to solutions of any problems encountered.  This position also requires a high degree of accuracy with the ability to work under high pressure situations. 



This position requires limited judgment and decision making as work is guided by the Contract Management Officer and through strictly defined policies and procedures. Certain functions are assigned to this position and work is performed on a cyclical basis. The Associate Contracts Officer position is expected to have the ability to have a self-motivated personality and take responsibility for actions related to the position.  Contact is made with staff to discuss and review work, explain legal instruments, and clarify contracting procedures.



Most contacts are made with employees of varying backgrounds and cultures to discuss and resolve personnel matters.  This position must be able to exchange ideas, information, and opinions with others to help ensure IFDC contracting standards are being met at an optimal level. Frequent contact is made with co-workers, and a team approach must be displayed. An Associate Contract Officer must have excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to be tactful, mature, and flexible during difficult circumstances. Multi-cultural sensitivity is essential.



This position requires working in a normal office environment with no unusual demands or exposure to hazardous situations.  International travel may not be required but could be expected.