Chamber Members Discount and Free Company Swag Offer

Offer Valid: 07/01/2023 - 12/31/2023
"Everybody loves something Free"
Chamber Discount

View 360 Marketing is offering Chamber Members a discount on any print services that we offer including banner printing, decal printing, store signage, feather flags, business cards, and other business form printing.

We have learned some important things that separate some businesses from the rest and it comes down to building a team of employees that take pride in their job. A recent study suggests that making company-branded materials available to employees creates a more sense of pride for the brand they work for. We have seen this to be true while consulting over 300 brands in the last 5 years. With that being said we have created Company Branded Swag Shops Free of Charge (Click link for more info) and these can also be shared with your customer base and be another source of advertising and revenue stream for you.

What is a swag shop and how does this work?

A swag shop is a site that we create for your business to sell your branded apparel, cups, mugs, notebooks, and just about anything that you want we can print in-house. Below are the steps involved.

1. Sign Up for a Swag Shop (Free)
2. Meet with one of our graphic artists and come up with some designs and products to sell. 
3. We give you your cost for each item including printing, full-filling, and managing everything for you so it's not another choir you have to do to run your business.
4. You let us know how much you want to sell each product for over your cost.
5. On the 20th of each month we will process a payment to you for the profit your shop made the following month.

It's really that simple...Here is one of our samples.

Sample Flashy Funnel Swag Shop

These sites are not only for brands they are a great way to fundraise for your cause, organization, church, missions, pretty much anything. The best part is it doesn't cost you anything but time to invite people to shop there and we can help with that also by offering you banners, posters, business cards with QR codes, and other ways to help send traffic your way. We also share it across our social platforms which reach around 1-1.3 million engagements a month. 

Contact Bart Davis for more information on Chamber Specials and monthly promotions. 

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