Digital Billboard Discount Sales

Offer Valid: 10/14/2020 - 10/21/2021
Get 34% off Regular Ad Prices
Shoals Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Southern Billboards to offer ads on the new LED billboard located on US Hwy 72 just West of Shoals Creek Bridge reaching westbound traffic heading towards Florence.  
Chamber members can sign up for complete services from designing your campaign to printing and installing your message at a more than 30% discount per month.  
As an active Shoals Chamber Members you will get 168 appearances daily, 22.5 minutes of screen time daily.  In real-world terms, the ad appears once every 6-7 minutes in the rotation.  All art design work is included in the $350 price per month.  No long term contract.  
All costs are paid in full upfront, then we will give you the contact info for the art design.  
The Arbitron Out-Of-Home Advertising Report published in 2013, 39% of adults who have viewed a billboard have visited a store they saw advertised, 40% visited a restaurant, 29% of viewers have been motivated to visit a store within a week after seeing a sale or special. 
Every business has a goal of using all forms of their advertising as a “drive to action”, with this in mind 40% of billboard viewers have watched a television program after seeing it advertised, 23% have tuned in to a radio station, 18% called a phone number for an advertised product/service, and 33% attended a public event or performance that was being advertised on a billboard. 40% of viewers noticed an ad that provided specific directions to a specific store, business, or restaurant location, and 26% have immediately visited those locations specifically because they saw the billboard ad!

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