Chamber Ambassador Application 2023

Shoals Chamber of Commerce 2023 Ambassador Agreement

Ambassadors promote the value of Shoals Chamber Memberships, support monthly events, promote New Members and Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies. Please consider the requirements below and sign the agreement.

All Ambassadors are to:

• Attend at least 1-2 Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies a month (Available on
Wednesdays Noon, 4 PM and Fridays 10 AM, Noon, Only one per week scheduled)
• Wear Ambassador nametag at Chamber events
• Always introduce yourself to new members and mingle
• Attend Award ceremonies / Special events / Business After Hours
• Assist at Annual Meeting and other Chamber functions
• Attend Quarterly Ambassador Meet Ups

You will also receive emails and outlook notices for Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies. Ambassadors are expected to attend all Chamber Events that they can fit into their

Communication with ALL Ambassadors takes place thru email and FB Group Page.

Please request from Rebecca Moon on Facebook to join the group!


1. Join & be active work week daily on Chamber Ambassador Facebook Group
• Check the follow group tab
• Check the Notification Tab to All Posts
• When you see a post, respond with an emoji or a comment
• If the post is a request for your opinion or information, please do your
best to get that answer or info to the Admin
• Respond GOING or not to Ribbon Cutting Events
• When you attend a RC check in or tag with a photo on your FB page

2. LIKE the Shoals Chamber FB Page
• Click the FOLLOWING tab, under in your news feed, click SEE FIRST
• Under NOTIFICATIONS click ON, then click ALL ON
• Click on Left hand side REVIEW tab, click YES to recommend the Chamber
• LIKE, Comment and Tag your business page on Chamber posts
• SHARE the posts you feel are most important
• SHARE events you will be attending
• Respond to New Member Welcome post (details below)

3. New Member Welcome post protocol
• LIKE and Comment
• Click on the post to go to New Member’s page
• LIKE their page, you can click UNFOLLOW and notifications OFF
• If you have done business with them, click the REVIEW tab and
recommend them
• If you have not done business with them, send them a welcome FB
Name Block - Full
Format: M/d/yyyy
I have read the above obligations of the Shoals Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Committee and pledge I will do my best to fulfill these expectations as I serve as an Ambassador for a one-year period. I understand that at that time, a meeting with the Director of Membership is recommended to continue. *