Life Data® Doesn’t Horse Around With Their Products

Life Data® Doesn’t Horse Around With Their Products

Life Data Labs Inc., located at 12290 Highway 72 in Cherokee, Alabama, is committed to providing the best possible services to your horses by producing top quality products and groundbreaking research for the equine community.

Life Data® sells a variety of products including equine feed supplements, topical hoof care, and equine forage balancers. 

Satisfied customers have raved about how the Farrier's Formula® supplement and other products have helped the health of their horses. “Farrier’s Formula® Double Strength has really worked on my cob. I have had him on it since October 2018 and this is the first time his feet have looked this good. I tried various products and Farrier’s Formula® is the only supplement that works,” says Sandra G.

Life Data® also has developed topical products to help your horses’ hooves. Linda H. says, “Whether it is using Farrier's Finish® to protect the hooves and prevent thrush or using the Hoof Clay to seal nail holes and protect the hooves from the elements, Life Data Labs has my horses' best interest in mind.

The nutrition laboratory has been a central part in the story of Life Data®. Equine Nutrition Consultant Dr. Frank Gravlee spent ten years of research in perfecting the signature Farrier’s Formula®. He performed extensive lab tests to understand the best nutrition for horses. Dr. Frank Gravlee has dedicated his career to helping grow and develop the equine industry. 

“In 1973, I set out to determine the nutrient requirements of horses through laboratory testing of over one hundred horses’ blood and feed. My studies showed that no single nutrient is the key to a healthy hoof. All the correct nutrients in the proper balance must be present. Farrier’s Formula® contains the supplementary nutrients the horse needs, in the proper balance, to build and maintain a healthy dermis including the hoof. Years of equine nutritional research, clinical trials and field testing have gone into every cup of Farrier’s Formula®,” says Dr. Frank Gravlee.

From educational videos and blogs on horse health and nutrition, engaging with online customers with questions and producing informational eBooks, Life Data® is your go-to source for equine health and wellness.
For more information on Life Data® products and services visit their website or call at 256.370.7555.

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