Diabetes and Wellness Clinic of The Shoals Sponsors Upcoming State of Healthcare Event

Diabetes and Wellness Clinic of The Shoals Sponsors Upcoming State of Healthcare Event

The Diabetes and Wellness Center of the Shoals has been making a significant impact on the health of those in our community since its opening. 

The clinic is owned and run by Thad Boughton MSN, ANP-BC, and his wife, Daphne. Thad Boughton has over eight years of experience treating disorders such as diabetes, elevated lipids, metabolic syndrome, thyroid disorders, hypertension, and other hormonal problems. 

His interest in diabetes and cardiovascular health began during graduate school lectures at Vanderbilt University. His interest only grew deeper during his clinical rotations where he practiced direct patient care at a Diabetes and Endocrinology clinic. From that point forward, he knew that diabetes and cardiovascular health were his calling. 

“I believe that anytime you have the opportunity to practice in the area in which you have an interest and are good at, it breeds success,” Thad said. 

Since completing his collegiate career, Thad has had the dream of owning his own diabetes treatment clinic. That dream became a reality in 2019 with a leap of faith. 

The couple chose to open their clinic in the Shoals because of their love for the community. Daphne is a Florence native, and Thad moved to the Shoals from Ohio during high school. They both attended the University of North Alabama during their undergraduate years.

After he completed graduate school at Vanderbilt, Thad knew he wanted to move back to The Shoals. 

Thad has a genuine desire to improve his patients’ health and quality of life. He accomplishes that goal through his comprehensive and individualized care plans that he provides. 

The clinic offers plans to treat both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes with the latest technology and medications. They also offer personalized wellness plans designed to assist with weight loss, in addition to a cookbook that is perfect for anyone looking to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. This cookbook is complete with recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and includes nutritional information on each recipe.

Thad and Daphne are proud members of the Shoals Chamber of Commerce. 

“I enjoy being a chamber member because of the sense of community and pride that comes with it,” Daphne said. “Thad and I show a lot of pride for the area. We love the Shoals and want to support as many local businesses as we can. As small business owners, we love to support other Shoals-based small businesses, and the Chamber helps us do that.” 

Their desire to serve the Shoals does not end with their wellness and treatment plans they offer at the clinic. Thad and Daphne are actively involved in the community and are sponsors of our upcoming State of Healthcare event in March! We are extremely grateful for their support and their desire to encourage residents of the Shoals to live their healthiest lives!

For more information on The Diabetes and Wellness Clinic of the Shoals and their treatment plans, click here.

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