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K-12 Opportunities

K-12 Opportunities

K-12 Opportunities


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Top 10 Best

Scholarship Search Platforms

It's never too early to begin the search
for college scholarships!

Even if you have a good summer job, you likely won’t make enough to pay for college. You also might not have the money you need to cover your living expenses, textbooks and a dorm room.
That is why you need to look for scholarships that will cover some or all of those costs.
Scholarship programs often include funds that go unclaimed each year and offer money that you do not need to repay. As you start your career, you don’t want to worry about loans and how you will pay them when you have other bills to worry about.
Using college scholarship search platforms is the easiest way to find programs that you qualify for and learn how to get that money. We ranked the 10 best scholarship search platforms that you can use while planning for the future.  [Click below to get the list.]

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A platform for international students to search for scholarships around the world. Our mission is to provide an accessible way for international students to search and find comprehensive, accurate, and updated scholarship information.

Visit Global Scholarships Website HERE

Explore Scholarship Search Engine HERE


A Better Path Connecting Education to the Real World

YouScience® Brightpath is the only aptitude-based guidance platform that leverages data and technology to help individuals identify their aptitudes, validate their skills, and get matched with educational and career pathways.
Brightpath brings all of your career, technical education (CTE) and pathway development applications together in a comprehensive platform designed to make your work easier and more fulfilling.

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Upcoming Events

Don't miss all the great events, activities & workshops at the Library!
Keep the whole family busy & learning!
See the Upcoming Events at the top left on the Home Page.
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Calendar of Events

Whether you or your kids are into workforce education, farming, food safety, financial education,
gardening, 4-H Club, raising chickens, keeping bees, learning archery, or so much more,
the Lauderdale County Cooperative Extension office has a program for you!

Check out their Calendar of Events for the myriad of events and workshops
that might be of interest.  Keep a check on their Facebook page as well. 



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