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Employer & Job Seeker Resources

Employer & Job Seeker Resources

Employer & Job Seeker Resources

Alabama Wage Survey

Searchable by State, Region and Metro Area

Alabama Interactive Occupational Employment and Wage Survey
Estimates are adjusted to reflect the most recent available quarter's
Employment Cost Index (ECI)
Interactive Reports - searchable by Area, Sector,
Occupation, Wage Level, etc.
(Alphabetical Occupations, Occupational Group Detail,
Occupations by Industry & Bubble Chart)
Printable Reports (PDF), Searchable by Area:
Florence Metro
NW Region


Child Care Benefits More Than Pay for Themselves
New Alabama Legislation is Proposed

New report from Moms First and BCG, titled The Employee Benefit That Pays for Itself, reveals that:

US employers investing in Childcare Benefits experience positive return on investment ranging from 90% to 425%.

Retaining as few as 1% of eligible employees can cover the cost of Childcare Benefits for all who are eligible within the company.

Employer-provided Childcare Benefits can help employees avoid more than two weeks of absences annually.

The Alabama Legislature is considering a bill that would have options for tax credits for childcare expenses to employers who offer childcare benefits to employees, to childcare providers who have high quality services, or to individuals for their childcare expenses with qualified providers.

(from TimesDaily)
The Alabama Child Care Tax Credit plan, backed by Women’s Foundation of Alabama, Manufacture Alabama, and nearly 40 other employers and trade associations, can move Alabama closer to a world where parents are not forced to choose between being a good parent and a good employee.
A watershed moment where the industry of childcare is valued equal to its seismic multi-billion dollar impact on the state’s economic activity.
Here’s how:
A proposed three-pronged plan aims to incentivize employers and childcare businesses to make childcare even more accessible to Alabama workers and families. Over the next five years, if fully phased in, the potential impact could cover an estimated 58,000 families.
The employer credit aims to incentivize businesses by offsetting childcare costs and enhancing employee retention thus driving Alabama’s labor force participation. Employers are positioned to use the tax credit to offer on-site childcare, stipends for their employees, and even reserving a spot at a licensed facility – each an attractive option for any working parent.
Childcare owners and operators, most of which are small, women-owned businesses, will also benefit from the proposed tax credit plan when they participate in Alabama’s Quality Rating and Improvement program administered by the Alabama Department of Human Resources. Their costs as business owners would be offset and increase in value as they enhance quality and based on the number of children served who are enrolled in the Alabama childcare subsidy program.


Tootris is endorsed by
Alabama's Governor's Office of Education & Workforce Transformation

Child Care Benefits
How Companies are Achieving Positive ROI
with Child Care Benefits

Watch HR experts at leading companies such as MATA, ALPLA & TBAKI share
their perspectives on the significance of Child Care Benefits in their workplace

"By partnering with TOOTRiS, we're appealing to a new generation of workers who care about
the community and want to work for an organization that cares about them."

Bacarra Mauldin - MATA, Deputy Chief Executive Officer


Chamber Member Job Board

Post your job openings for FREE!

POST your Jobs through the
Member Information Center HERE

Contact the Chamber if you need assistance.

View Chamber Member Job Board HERE

Post your business' career page for free on
Shoals Workforce Resources job board.


Resources to Hire & Train Veterans

Find multiple resources to hire and train Veterans to fill
your job openings on the
Shoals Workforce Resources website

Veteran Hiring Resources

Veteran Training Resources


Exploring Entrepreneurship
Accepting Registrations Now

Throughout 2024, Builders + Backers is offering free workshops open to any Alabama resident interested in exploring entrepreneurship.
Offered in partnership with the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama (EDPA), with support from Innovate Alabama and the Alabama Community College System, residents are able to participate virtually or join in-person at select locations.
Stay tuned as we unveil the dates and times for additional workshops. For specifics on the webinar scheduled in a city near you, please continue to refer to the application for updated details..


Attention Manufacturers
FREE Nationwide Supply Chain Database

Find more information HERE


Talent acquisition: Build or buy?
When it comes to meeting your organization’s talent needs, you face a crucial decision:
Do you build the talent you need internally, or do you acquire it externally?

It's a question that every forward-thinking organization must grapple with.  While a combination of both approaches is often necessary, a proactive focus on early talent recruitment
can yield long-term benefits for your organization. Consider the following examples:

  • The Stark Education Partnership (Ohio) partners with local schools to build a pipeline of skilled talent that wants to stay in their community after graduation.
  • 47G (Utah) is innovating its recruitment strategies to amplify career opportunities in the aerospace, defense, and cybersecurity industries with best-fit, emerging talent.
  • The CREATE Foundation (Mississippi) provides students with real-world experience in career pathways that align with students’ aptitudes and interests.

These examples illustrate the transformative power of talent development initiatives. By investing in proactive recruitment, education partnerships, and skills training, organizations can not only fill immediate talent gaps but also cultivate a thriving workforce poised for long-term success.

YouScience Resource Center & Case Studies

YouScience Employer Spotlight

More About YouScience Skills Assessment System

How to Close the STEM Career Exposure Gap for Black Students - Report


Alabama Registered Apprenticeship

Why would an employer be interested in an apprenticeship?

  • Availability of skilled workers is low.
    • Apprenticeship can help you create workers with exactly the skills needed.
  • Candidates lack real-world experience.
    • Apprentices get direct experience with your company.
  • Consistency of worker training is low.
    • Employers drive the work processes and standards apprentices must meet.
  • Skill requirements for workers continues to increase.
    • Learning in your facility means learning on exactly the equipment and processes used in your business.
  • Recruiting workers is difficult.
    • Letting workers know you are going to grow them into a career employee encourages positive culture and applications.
  • The most skilled and experienced people on the job are reaching retirement age.
    • The mentorship associated with an apprenticeship program connects veteran workers directly with the next generation.
Why would an employer need a REGISTERED apprenticeship?
ASSISTANCE - The AOA will help you build and customize a unique training plan to fit your needs.
QUALITY - Registered apprenticeships provide employers with a consistently high quality of workers.
INCENTIVES - Registration provides employers access to Alabama tax credits incentivizing apprenticeship training.
CREDENTIALS - Apprentices gain a nationally-recognized credential upon completion of training.
RETENTION - Federal studies show 91% of apprentices stay with the employers who trained them.
ADVANCEMENT - Apprenticeships are an excellent way to up-skill incumbent workers.
STRUCTURE - Put a framework on training you are already doing.

Find out more HERE


Customized Workforce Training
~ at No Cost ~

For more information, contact Andrew Robbins, 256-331-5218


Ongoing Training
Call for more information & dates.


RECRUIT from COLLEGES around the State & Region

QUICK  LOCAL  LINKS to Shoals institutions:
Heritage Christian University
Northwest Shoals Community College
University of North Alabama

to over 40 College & University Career Centers & Employer Services pages HERE.
Recruit from colleges in The Shoals, the State & the SE Region
for your next full- or part-time employees, interns, co-ops or apprentices.
Each College listed is linked directly to its Career Center.


Connect with Your Future Workforce 
through Career Tech Educators


Colbert County Schools

CTE Director - Emiley Crisler, (256) 386-8565,
Career Coach - Lattoria Jones,
Co-op Coordinator - Emiley Crisler,
Florence City Schools
CTE Director - Layne Rinks, (256) 768-3000,
Career Coach - Jordan Fuller,
Co-op Coordinator / LAUNCH - Jessica Flanagan,
Lauderdale County Schools
CTE Director - Scott Jones, (256) 757-2101,
Career Coach - Leta Bishop, 
Career Coach - Brandi Walton,
Co-Op Coordinator - Cindy Davis,
Muscle Shoals City Schools
CTE Director - Dennis Connor, (256) 389-2660, 
Career Coach - Amy Dodson,
Co-op Coordinator - Tiffany Stonecipher,
Sheffield City Schools
CTE Director - Darryl Washington, 
Career Coach - Lisa Rickman,
Co-op Coordinator - Lalana Hawk,
Tuscumbia City Schools
CTE Director - Heather Mize, (256) 389-2900, 
Career Coach - Emily Edwards,

This toolkit is designed as a guide for employers interested in developing a
new high school internship program or improving an existing one. 

Learn more HERE


Download the Info Sheet HERE

Register for the Support Group HERE


Support our local schools!

All donations are tax-deductible, made to the
Shoals Area Chamber Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.
Cash for new supplies, gently used school & office supplies, equipment,
furniture, etc. are  needed to assist our educators in the classroom.
For more information, contact:
Mary Beshears, (256) 710-1436,


Shoals Workforce Resources Website

Job Boards

Find many other job search resources at:


Chamber Member Job Board

Chamber Members
POST your Jobs through the
Member Information Center HERE

Job Seekers
Check out current jobs HERE

More jobs HERE


Statewide Job Board is a great FREE resource for Alabama businesses & citizens.

  • Post jobs
  • Search Resumes
Job Seekers
  • Look for jobs (searchable by zip code or city)
  • Research careers and pathways
  • Information to help you move your career forward

For more information, contact:
     Alabama Career Center (Sheffield)
     (256) 383‑5610
     500 South Montgomery Ave., Suite 102, Sheffield


Attention Students & Job Seekers!

Using your skills, credentials, and experiences to match you to the next step in your career pathway.

Students and Job Seekers who participate in the Alabama Talent Triad can expect opportunities to create a skill-based Learning & Employment Record (LER) that will match their resume(s) with Alabama employers seeking candidates that have similar skills, credentials, and/or work experience. This allows for our intuitive data platform to provide relevant job recommendations based on shared resume skills, credentials, and experiences.
For those seeking new skills to become competitive in the marketplace, the Alabama Talent Triad provides recommended learning, apprenticeships, and upskilling opportunities as well as resources for scholarships in order to help support continued learning.
By maintaining a Digital Wallet, Students and Jobseekers can build their Learning & Employment Records (LER) through retirement at no cost. The State of Alabama is committed to supporting the career aspirations of all Alabamians.
Earn the skills that pay the bills.

All it takes is one decision to register for a state-funded program that can ensure learning and employment opportunities as long as you’re willing to participate. It doesn’t take much to get started. Take a look at these short, informational videos to see what you’ll gain from the Alabama Talent Triad.

Alabama's Skills-Based Hiring Economy Explained

Introduction to the NEW Alabama Talent Triad



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